Discover Related Issues Effortlessly with /similar_issue Command

The "/similar_issue" command, an ingenious tool within CodiumAI's PR-Agent, simplifies issue management by effortlessly retrieving the most similar issues to the current one. It streamlines the process of identifying issues and enhances project development efficiency.

Uncovering Similarities for Enhanced Issue Resolution

By simply using the "/similar_issue" command within the comment section of a PR, you can efficiently retrieve a list of issues closely related to the current one. The tool intelligently scans the repository's history and suggests relevant issues, aiding contributors in problem-solving and preventing duplicate issues.





Understanding the Output

When initiated, the command generates an output showcasing a list of similar issues along with their respective scores. These scores represent the similarity measure between the current issue and the listed ones. The higher the score, the greater the resemblance.

Use Cases

  • Issue Prioritization: Quickly identify high-priority issues that closely resemble the current problem for immediate attention and resolution.
  • Preventing Duplicates: Minimize redundancy by avoiding the creation of new issues identical to previously addressed ones.
  • Efficient Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among team members by directing their attention to similar issues that might offer insights or solutions.

Example Output

Similar Issues

  • Timeout during /improve command (score=0.92)
  • [GITLAB] Installation Guide for GitLab please? (score=0.91)
  • Failure in /improve command (score=0.87)
  • Error in /review command when pr_revewer.inline_code_comments=true (score=0.86)
  • Running Github Action: openai.error.RateLimitError (score=0.86) Contributor

Configuring the Tool

The tool offers the flexibility of selecting VectorDBs for issue retrieval. Two prominent options include:

  • LanceDB: A default choice for issue retrieval.
  • Pinecone: An advanced alternative offering additional features and capabilities for more refined issue suggestions.

To configure Pinecone, specific keys must be set in the environment variables or .secrets.toml file, including the API key and environment details.

Using the Tool

Invoke the "/similar_issue" command through CLI or comment on a PR to retrieve similar issues. Additionally, automatic invocation upon opening new issues can be set up by adding it to the pr_commands list in the github_app configuration.

By leveraging the power of similarity analysis, the "/similar_issue" command empowers teams to efficiently address and resolve issues, fostering smoother project development and collaboration.

Stay tuned for more efficient issue management and enhanced collaboration with Codium AI's PR Agent.

Real-Life Application

Consider a scenario where a development team encounters a timeout issue during the "/improve" command execution. By employing "/similar_issue," the team swiftly discovers similar instances of this problem, facilitating the identification of potential solutions or workarounds.

The "/similar_issue" command empowers teams by facilitating efficient issue resolution, reducing redundancy, and enhancing collaboration. By leveraging this tool, teams navigate issue resolution with precision, promoting a smoother and more productive development cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the similarity score impact issue relevance?

    The similarity score indicates the likeness between the current issue and the suggested ones. Higher scores denote closer matches, offering more relevant insights for issue resolution.

  • Can I fine-tune the similarity search for better results?

    Yes, by configuring VectorDBs in the tool's settings, you can enhance the precision of issue retrieval. Switch between LanceDB and Pinecone to optimize issue suggestions.

  • Are there any limitations to the number of suggested similar issues?

    The tool presents a curated list of similar issues, yet there might be a limit on the number displayed to maintain clarity. However, you can explore further results by refining the search parameters.

  • How frequently does the tool index and update the repository's issue history?

    The tool indexes the repository's previous issues upon execution. Updates to the issue history rely on regular indexing schedules or manual triggers.

  • Can I integrate this command with other automation tools?

    Absolutely! You can configure the "/similar_issue" command to run automatically by integrating it into the repository's workflow triggers. This enables streamlined issue identification upon new issue creations.

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