Automate Changelog Updates with /update_changelog

Streamline your project's file updates effortlessly using the powerful "/update_changelog" tool within CodiumAI's PR-agent. This tool automates the process of integrating PR changes into your project's changelog, enhancing version control and transparency.

What is /update_changelog Command & Its Significance?

The "/update_changelog" command is a time-saving tool designed to automatically incorporate PR changes into your project's file. This not only keeps your changelog updated but also facilitates better project version management and release documentation.

How It Works

Executing "/update_changelog" triggers an automated process where the tool extracts relevant changes from the PR and formats them to be added to the project's file. This enables seamless integration of PR updates into the project's version history.

It can be invoked manually by commenting on any PR:


For example:

update_changelog update_changelog

Usage and Benefits

  • Simplify Versioning: Automatically document PR contributions into the changelog, making version tracking more efficient.
  • Enhance Transparency: Provide clear visibility of PR updates and contributions in the project's version history.
  • Save Time: Eliminate manual efforts in maintaining the changelog, saving time for contributors and maintainers.


Input: /update_changelog


Changelog updates:


  • Bug Fix: Resolved an issue causing errors in the 'ask' command functionality.
  • Enhancement: Improved formatting and readability of the tool guides in the docs directory.


  • Feature Addition: Introduced new functionality to the 'review' tool for automated code suggestion generation.
  • Documentation: Updated with comprehensive instructions for tool usage and installation.

This example demonstrates how the "/update_changelog" command captures and formats various types of contributions, such as bug fixes, enhancements, feature additions, and documentation updates, and integrates them into the project's changelog for version tracking and transparency.

Configuration Options

The "/update_changelog" tool offers customization through configuration options:

  • push_changelog_changes: Decide whether to push the changes directly to the file or print them. For example, This command pushes the changes directly to the changelog file:
    /update_changelog --pr_update_changelog.push_changelog_changes=true
  • extra_instructions: Provide specific instructions to focus the update process on particular aspects. For instance, This command directs the tool to prioritize security-related updates in the changelog:
    /update_changelog --pr_update_changelog.extra_instructions="Emphasize updates related to security improvements."

Automate Your Changelog Updates Now

To begin leveraging the power of "/update_changelog", simply comment "/update_changelog" on your PR and watch as the tool automatically integrates your changes into the project's changelog, providing a seamless version history and release documentation process.

Embrace the efficiency and accuracy brought by the "/update_changelog" command, simplifying your project's version control process and ensuring comprehensive documentation of PR contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I modify the format of the changelog updates?

    Yes, you can customize the update format by providing specific instructions through the "extra_instructions" parameter.

  • Is it possible to preview the changes before they are applied to the changelog?

    Yes, by default, the tool prints the proposed changes. You can choose to only print the changes without pushing them to the changelog file.

  • Does it support different types of changelog formats?

    Currently, it supports updates for the file format. Custom formats might require additional configurations.

  • Can this tool handle multiple PRs simultaneously?

    Yes, the tool can manage updates from multiple PRs, ensuring that each contribution is appropriately documented.

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